StandUp Wireless Lifeline Cell Phones

By | May 16, 2012

StandUp Wireless, is one of the free government cell phones, working with Lifeline to provide free cell phones to the residents of Arkansas, Louisiana, Maryland and Missouri; and throughout the U.S.

Standup Wireless is not as well-known or large as providers such as Safelink, Assurance or Reachout Wireless; but their presence in the state is much appreciated in these areas.

They are funded by the Universal Service Fund which ensures the availability of quality affordable telecommunications services to low-income consumers.  You may qualify for the Standup Wireless free phone if, your income is or at below 135% of federal poverty level and you are receiving help from one of the government assistance programs.

How to Apply for Standup Wireless

Go to Standup Wireless and enter your zip code, to find out if service is available in your state.  You can also call the toll- free number to apply.  You are eligible if you participate in one of the government programs for the disadvantaged.

Once you are approved, you must provide proof of financial status with current pay stubs, last year’s W-2, a letter from the government agency.  * See Federal Poverty Guidelines

The features of the programs are free cell phones, 100 monthly minutes, and the rollover of unused minutes which is larger than the 86 minutes that were offered by Safelink a few years ago.  They also provide 100 text messages each month.  Standup also offers:

  • call waiting
  • caller Id
  • voice mail
  • nationwide long distance service
  • and international calls for a fee

Purchasing Extra Time

Let’s face it, 250 minutes will not last a month for most people.  The good news is, you can purchase additional minutes and text messaging for a reasonable cost.  Additional text messaging and minutes can be purchased at, 14.95 for 500 minutes and 100 texts 29.95 for 1,000 minutes and text messaging.

Referral Program

Refer others to the program, tell them to mention you name and phone number and you will receive an additional free 100 minutes for each person you refer.

Re-certify StandUp Cell Phones

You must re-certify your Lifeline eligibility each year to continue receiving your services with StandUp Wireless.  You can re-certify by calling 266-693-5077 or you can go online.

At this time make sure to update your personal information such as address, financial status.  You will be notified each year one month before your anniversary date.  If you fail to re-certify your services will be immediately suspended.

StandUp Wireless
Phone: 1-800-544-4441
E-mail: [email protected]