Best Prepaid Cell Phone Deals

By | March 17, 2014

Buying a prepaid cell phone plan, is a reasonable option for many struggling people.  It seems like everyone, and their dog is getting free government phones, everyone but you.  You work hard every day, pay your bills on time, but still struggle like a lot of people. It may seem unfair that you can not get on the free phone bandwagon, but that’s the way things are sometimes.

To qualify for Lifeline Assistance, you have to be receiving Food, Stamps, SNAP, SSI, Disability, National Free Lunch Program, etc. or your gross income is at or 135% below federal government guidelines. Look at it this way,  a free phone can end up costing your 20 or 30$ extra a month in extra minutes if you are a heavy phone user.  When Lifeline Assistance is not an option, let’s look at another avenue.   Why not consider a prepaid wireless?

A little Prepaid Wireless History

Banana Cellular was the first prepaid mobile phone, it was developed in 1993, by Andrew Wise.  In 1996, the rechargeable prepaid SIM card was created. This expanded the market to users with no credit or poor credit.  Tracfone,  established in 1996 and went on to provide service to NET10, Safelink Wireless, Straight Talk and Senior Value Cellphone.  Other major players in the prepaid wireless field re Cricket, T-Mobile, 7- Eleven, and Blackberry.

Prepaid Cell Phone Benefits

1.  No contracts or credit checks!  That’s a plus.
2.  You will only pay for the minutes you use.
3.  You don’t have to worry about extra, or hidden fees, or unexpected overages.
4.  If you are ever late with a payment, you have the option of keeping your service by paying a small late fee.
5.  There are dozens of prepaid companies from which to choose.  Cricket Wireless, is one of the largest prepaid phone companies.
6.  Convenient air time cards, available at Department stores, drug stores, and grocery store near you.
7.  With a government, you are only allowed one per family.  Prepaid cell phone, give you the option of purchasing a family or a business plan.
8.  Bring your old phone number to their service.
9.  Prepaid phone companies give the option of purchasing the latest products and accessories.

My Minutes! My Minutes!

Most companies offer unlimited calling and text messaging plans, but they cost more.  If you really have to streamline, your budget and use a phone plan that gives you a certain amount of daytime, minutes, it is up to you to keep track of your time.

Have you ever been talking to someone on the, and suddenly they  remembered they were using daytime minutes to talk about nothing?   You will have been careful not to make unnecessary calls, or talk to people who will eat up your daytime.  Some companies charge at least 5 cents a minute for talking above your limit.

Cheer up

You are not broke enough to get government help, but this is a good thing, right!  You have a job and don’t need to get assistance from the government.  The way I see it, you are ahead of the game.  Keep in mind, many of the Lifeline phone providers, also offer prepaid services, so that you be a good place to start looking for prepaid services.

Prepaid Cell Phone Companies

  • Consumer Cellular– Plans start at $10 a month
  • Chitchat Mobile –  Basic Package $9.99 a month, Unlimited Plan $19.99 a month
  • Straight Talk – 1,000 Talk and text $30 a month, the internet
  • TMobile – Pay as you go, in advance and by the day plans
  • Tracfone – Cards from $10.00 and up and bonus minutes available
  • Virgin Mobile – Unlimited talk and text $35

You or someone you know may qualify for a government phone.  Ask us how to apply and  qualify today!