Kansas – Free Government Phone Service

Free mobile phone service, is available to residents of the state of Kansas.  Free government phone service has been serving the state of Kansas since 2011.  If you have not heard about this, you may be missing a great opportunity to get free or discount phone service.  Lifeline Assistance offers disadvantaged residents a free phone and 250 free minutes every month.  Assurance… Read More »

Discount Home Phone Service – Lifeline Home Phones

Home Phone Service – You may qualify for a monthly discount on your land line phone service. The lifeline phone program was established to help low-income residents with home phone service. As landline service expanded to cellular, the program really took off and millions of people switched to cell phone service. The program included free and discounted cell phone service for consumers… Read More »

Community Voice Mail Help Homeless Stay Connected

Community Voice Mail,  is a national non-profit organization, which began in Seattle in 1991, and sponsored by Springwire.   The program is not is all U.S. states, but is spreading rapidly along with the concept of relieving poverty through technology. CVM offers homeless a means to communicate, leave and  receive messages from family, job opportunities, or medical professional.  Many… Read More »