I Hate My Free Government Phone

By | July 13, 2013

I Hate My Free Government Phone.  So, you just got your free government phone, and you hate it!  These phones are definitely not the luxury people seem to think they are.   Guess what?  you have to pay for luxury!  You always have the option of dishing out $35+ to get a decent phone.  You can also switch over an old phone, you are not using.  We all have a few of those laying around.

It’s a Business for Goodness Sakes

As far as the government phone program, being a waste of government money; the phone companies are making money.   They are not philanthropists, they are in business!   They are not in this because they love you.  They want to make money!  Just like you complained about the phone, when you got it, millions of others probably had the same complaint.

So you Don’t Like your Government Phone

What do you do next?   If you don’t like your free phone, go online to, Safelink, Assurance or ReachOut, Wireless, or whatever phone provider you are using and buy a better phone.   That means more business, and it is helping the economy.

As far as the 250 minutes go, most people will use this up in three or four days, not to mention the 30 days you are given!  You know what you will have to do when you run out of minutes?   Go to Walgreen’s and buy a phone card, or go online and purchase more minutes.  That is the name of the game.

States have their Hands Out

What about all the states that are complaining about the phone program, and how it was a waste of government funds?  What are they doing now?  They are trying to put a $5.00 tax on each phone.  This tax will be added to the bill of the poor people in the Lifeline program.  So even the states that hate the program, found a way to make money off the poor people in their states.

 Be Grateful for Your Government Phone!

No, the government cell phone program is not perfect, the phones could be better, and 250 minutes is not enough time to last a month!  All in all, if you do not have a phone, and can not afford one, it is better than nothing!  The government phone is suppose to help you, during a difficult time; not take care of all your phone desires!  So, stop complaining, and be grateful for your little ugly,  but a free phone!

Tell us how you feel about your Lifeline phone!

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