Best Cell Phones for Seniors

By | March 16, 2013
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If you are interested in cell phones for seniors, you will love the three listed here.  Senior citizens aren’t as tech savvy as many younger parts of society.  However, seniors are using cell phones more than ever before.  There are few phone companies that make cell phones for seniors and cater to senior, and the vision impaired, such as the Jitterbug by Samsung.  They are attractive to older people because the phones are bigger, and the dialing pad is large and easy to be seen.

What is also appealing to seniors, is a  phone company that doesn’t add a lot of frills to their phone plans?  They need a basic phone and aren’t very interested in games and a ton of app or music.  Therefore, companies can offer them a phone plan that is reasonably priced.  Most phone companies do not market solely to older

Most phone companies do not market solely to older people because they want to extend their product to everyone.  Let’s face it companies what to appeal to as many people as possible.  They want to go where the dollars are and that is with young people and the business class!  These phones are very affordable and the phone plans start at under $15.00 a month.

Cell Phones for Seniors

Let’s look at some of the phones providers helpful for seniors.

Doro PhoneEasy 410

These are great cell phones for seniors.  It has the large-print font and large keypad.  This phone does have text messaging, Bluetooth capabilities, and an FM radio.  Although this is a good phone for seniors, it does not have an external display or caller ID.

Snapfon Ez One

It’s called the cell phone for seniors, so they are looking forward to the senior market!  It includes some of the same features as the Jitterbug, such as a large key page, and SOS button to easily reach emergency assistance.

The phone is easy to read with a  large-print LCD.  Two of the features that are cool, are FM Radio and a speaking keyboard.  Their services are nationwide, with no hidden fees or restrictions.

Jitterbug5 by Samsung

The Jitterbug has gotten good reviews as a worthy cell phone for seniors.  It was created especially for the senior in mind. Its design is easy to grip, and it flips over to a phone with huge buttons and LCD, that is very readable.  Users do not have to worry about writing notes or keeping a calendar; they can call Great Call, and an operator will enter a not of even into their phones.  Another handy feature of the Jitterbug 5 is Bluetooth technology, voice dialing, and a simple built-in camera.

5Star capability is a special service for users of the Jitterbug.  If you have any type of emergency, when you press 5Star you will immediately be connected with an agent who can help you.

When you choose the GreatCall, GoPlan, you will have unlimited access to registered nurses and board-certified doctors, around the clock.  The Jitterbug5’s battery can last up to 25 days of standby power.

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